Who are we?

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Acclimatrix is an professor at a research university in the northeast. In addition to her science, she’s passionate about diversity in academia and public outreach. When not in the field or the lab, she enjoys reading, trying the latest craft cocktails, being geeky, knitting, and exploring by land and water. She tweets at @Acclimatrix.

CaptainTenure is an associate professor at a small private institution.  In addition to her teaching, research and service duties, she is responsible for faculty development at her college.   She has been a big fan of Tenure She Wrote since the beginning and is honored to join the team.   She tweets at @CaptainTenure.

Dr__Klotz is a tenure-track faculty member in English at a community college in Northern California.  She is interested in social justice, community literacy education, and digital pedagogy. Aside from settling into a new full-time teaching load, she spends her days hiking, reading science fiction, and drinking California wine. She tweets at @Dr__Klotz.

Sciencella is a postdoc at a large public university, working in a social science field that combines experimental work with fieldwork. She has lived in 4 different countries on 3 different continents in the last 10 years. When she is not working, she enjoys watching trashy TV shows, drinking beer, and cooking. She tweets at @DrSciencella.

SquirrelyRed is a PhD candidate at a big Midwestern R1 and proud mama of a differently-abled kid.  She loves fieldwork, outreach, and mentoring undergraduates. When not working, she enjoys canoeing and reading with her family.

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17 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. I love how you all got together to create a blog on your adventures into academia!! This is brilliant! We’re you all in the same cohort? I think I’m going to suggest this to my cohort… The socalette

    • Thanks for the kind words, socalette! We are not from the same cohort, but are from a bunch of different disciplines and career stages (and at different universities!).

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  3. I have a story of harassment at how it was covered up which will shock you, in which a known harasser had his abuse and public cyberbullying covered up such that he has continued to be recommended for teaching jobs, to prey on women at other colleges/universities. This case speaks to how universities cover up harassment and retaliate against victims who report it.

    • I just found this as well and am very close to a case similar to Please contact me.

      Related to gender discrimination is age discrimination and discrimination against disability.

      I am glad I found this blog because I am trying to get into a PhD program in a STEM field.

  4. I’m unable to find a WP “follow” button that doesn’t involve getting posts sent to my inbox? Am I Missing it? Might you consider adding one if I’m not?

    • If you’re logged into WordPress, there should be a black bar at the top that has a plus sign for you to follow our blog via your WordPress reader. Otherwise, there’s the RSS option. I hope that helps!

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  7. Yay!! Finally, I have found something that I can relate to! Being a student, who identifies herself as a female and aspiring towards a full fledged academic life, I’m sure I can find some advice and directions in this blog. 🙂

  8. Just came across your blog and it’s great! Your topics are highly engaging and relatable. Your contributors are awesome with great voices. I myself am new to blogging and would love to make a contribution. With all the crazy things I encounter everyday it would be great to have an outlet with a following. Please let me know and keep up the great work ladies.

  9. Great blog. It’s past midnight and I’m awake beating myself up about why it’s taking me so long to finish this journal article in the midst of a total political meltdown in my dept- faculty (including me) tried to oust the dept head and failed, dept head is now slandering my teaching, while the other faculty criticize my publication record. They are right to criticize me. My mother battled cancer for 2yr then died in a horrible, slow, agonizing way and I helped her through her battle. That battle left scars, including a 2 year publication gap- I deserve the criticism. The Provost and Dean are expert at microaggressive behavior. I feel so alone with no allies, and fear that failure is likely. All this anxiety keeps me awake every night, and during the day my productivity suffers. Thanks for the comfort that you all provide.

    • I am so sorry you’re going through this. If you’d like to submit a guest post about your experiences, please consider it. Best of luck with your struggle. You’re not alone — there are many of us going through things like this. We’re here for you.

  10. Is there an archive of employment letters that feature discrimination on the part of departments towards adjuncts? I found a letter from in my files from 2002, where the Chair of the department writes: “The senior faculty recently met … it was agreed that, as a general rule, annual raises will not be given to part-time teaching staff.”
    This is a classic example of the “haves” meeting together and deciding that the “have not’s” should continue to not to have…
    Perhaps this letter is NOT important enough to be in the National Archives… But… anyone keeps such letters or wants to archive them?
    We need an archive to document the circumstances of adjuncts across departments and universities.
    We need to be systematic!!
    I shall post this message on other blogs in hope of getting a response (and raising awareness).

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