Q: What is Tenure, She Wrote

A: Tenure, She Wrote is a collaborative blog devoted to chronicling the (mis)adventures of women in academia, from undergraduate to Full Professor. We’re a diverse group representing  many walks of life, career stages, institutional affiliations, disciplines, and opinions.

Q: Why are you using pseudonyms? 

A: We believe that it’s important to create a space for women to write about their opinions and experiences regardless of how secure or supported they may be in their institutions. Pseudonyms allow us to write things that we might not feel comfortable sharing in other forums, to share personal stories, or address controversial topics.

Q: Why is this a collaborative blog? 

A: Being an academic takes a lot of time, especially if you’re pre-tenure and are already engaging in other forms of outreach. By having multiple authors, we share the workload and bring a diversity of perspectives to the blog.

Q: What sorts of things will you write about? 

A: We plan to cover our individual experiences as women academics, career advice, and opinions on the state of women in academia. Right now, we have posts lined up on mentoring, starting a lab, being a disabled academic, and institutional sexism.

Q: Can I join Tenure, She Wrote?

A: If you feel that you can add to the diversity of voices, feel free to contact us at TenureSheWrote [at] gmail.com with a brief bio and an idea of what you’d like to write about. We may not be able to include you right away, or may decide you’re not a good fit or we don’t have space. Please don’t take it personally! We’re trying to keep the group manageable, and because we use pseudonyms we’re very careful about adding people. Having said that, we are always interested in representing backgrounds and disciplines that we haven’t covered, and may occasionally put out a call for someone to join if one of our writers retires.

Q: Can I contribute a guest post? 

A: Feel free to send a pitch for a guest post to TenureSheWrote [at] gmail.com. We welcome guest perspectives, and are happy to post your piece anonymously, under a pseudonym, or using your real name. We reserve the right to decide that your post may not be a good fit for our blog, and we cannot compensate you for your post.

Q: I’d like to suggest a post idea or provide feedback. How can I do that?

A: Feel free to leave a comment in this post, or email us at TenureSheWrote [at] gmail.com.


11 thoughts on “FAQ

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  2. So happy I found this blog — I look forward to a lots of interesting reading here! I wonder if you’d consider doing a post on obtaining a postdoctoral fellowship. I’ve looked at the requirements for NIH and NSF, and in both cases your prospective mentor has to actively support your application, which means to me that you need to have made contact with this person, sold them on the idea that you’re a good fit for their lab, convinced them that you should write this fellowship app and that they should support it, etc. Is it me or does one need to have some sort of established relationship with this person before attempting to write the grant? And if this is true, how does one go about doing this as a grad student? Or do people write these applications once they’re already in their target lab?

  3. Is there an RSS feed for this blog that I’m missing? I’d love to follow your postings, but dislike getting emails about them – would prefer to have them in my RSS reader with all the other blogs I follow.

    • We’ll try to get that set up…the main person who manages the site is away, and my very quick search of the wordpress forum indicated multiple ways to set this up, but also indicated it didn’t need to be set up to work with RSS. We’ll look into it more.

    • I’m not super familiar with RSS feeds, but I think I’ve added a widget for one to the sidebar. Let me know if you have trouble. Thanks!

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