Tenure, She Wrote Turns One!

Dearest readers, July 1st marks the first anniversary of Tenure, She Wrote! So much has happened in the last year, and we wanted to take a moment to pause, reflect, and celebrate. When I first started floating the idea of a pseudononymous women-in-academia blog to a few trusted colleagues, I felt that we had the opportunity to contribute something unique to the academic blogosphere: a place to have conversations across disciplines and career stages about the challenges and opportunities facing women.

One year and 580,000+ visitors later, and it’s clear that that the broader community thinks these conversations are needed, too. I’m in absolute awe of my fellow bloggers, our guest contributors, and all the folks who read, share, and comment; you’ve all helped make this space so incredibly valuable. As bloggers, we’re learning so much from one another and from your shared wisdom, too.

Some highlights from the last year:

Our 5 most popular posts:

Don’t be that dude: Handy tips for the male academic This list of tips for avoiding microaggression is was the top post of last year (thanks, Reddit!), and consistently gets a lot of visitors. 

GracieABD’s posts about her experience with a sexist student evaluation (Teaching Naked, Part 1) and the follow-up (Teaching Naked, Part 2), were not only two of our top three most popular posts, but Part 1 was the highest-ever traffic day for TSW (with over 30,000 visitors in one day!).

The TSW team wrote An Open Letter to Nature Editor Philip Campbell in response to Henry Gee’s deliberate outing of fellow pseudononymous blogger Dr. Isis received a lot of attention (over 17,000 hits!). We’re still waiting on the official follow-up from Nature Magazine.

Two posts on class in academia, Sarcozona’s Poverty in the Ivory Tower and my post on being a first-generation academic, One of these things is not like the other, definitely struck a chord with our readers.

Posts that people find a lot through search engines are also revealing — they tell us a lot about the kinds of questions that women (and men!) are struggling with. Some of these include Dr. Mellivora’s posts on Dressing for Academia and Toxic Academic Mentors, and SciWo’s post on the two-body problem. A great post by SciTriGrrl on the upsides of being a woman in science consistently brings a lot of readers to our blog.

We’ve also got a few posts that, for whatever reason, slipped under the radar, but are definitely worth checking out if. Here are some of our favorites:

Musings of a New Diversity Hire by DameBBiolock and When diversity means you by Dualitea are great posts on intersectionality and going beyond gender equality in academia.

How to do a medical leave and Knowing when to stop, by Sarcozona. Sometimes, our bodies make us take a break.

Presentations without representation: hashb8ng has great advice on how to make sure conferences have a good gender balance.

For great posts on lab culture, see these posts by DrMsScientist and SciWo.

We’ve had great perspectives across career stages, including posts about the perks of being an adjuct by DrBotanista, ProfColleen on the other side of tenure, thoughts by SciTriGrrl on being The Decider as a new prof starting up a lab, Breastmilk isn’t free, on being a pre-tenure faculty with a newborn, by Hashb8ng.

And, of course, we’ve had fantastic guest posts, too! Posts on the one-body problem, being “diagnosed” with pregnancy in academia, and being a mom in science were some of our most popular this year.

So, what’s next? We’re excited to soon announce a few new faces to TSW (all in humanities, to help round out our disciplinary offerings!), and we’re always interested in hearing what you’d like us to write about (and your contributions, too!). What were your favorite posts this year? Do you have any feedback for us? Let us know!

And, finally, thank you all so much for making Tenure, She Wrote such a vibrant community.

7 thoughts on “Tenure, She Wrote Turns One!

  1. As an interesting side note, the most consistent search term bringing people to our blog is variations on “sex with teacher,” or “naked teacher,” etc. Those people must have a bit of intellectual whiplash when they get here.

  2. I am so glad that there is a network of women sharing stories (both the highlights and the low lights) to help others through their own academic lives. Happy birthday, TSW!

  3. Thanks to all you strong professional women, taking time to share your thoughts in your busy worlds. Well done, keep going with whatever your passions are, and it will be a joy to keep sharing. The world is in good hands with this new generation. Well done.

  4. Congrats on TSW turning one years old. I’m glad that I found TSW and I find it very relatable. TSW is a community that shares insight and questions that many women need answered. Thanks for sharing this with us. Keep up the great work!

  5. Happy Birthday TSW! I was so happy when I found your blog. It is a very relatable to women. TSW shares insight and speaks on topics that sometimes are difficult to talk about. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

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