Welcome to our new Tenure, She Wrote Bloggers

We put out a call for more bloggers awhile ago and got some great responses. I’m happy to welcome three new bloggers to the regular line-up here: dualitea, DrBotanista, and ProfColleen.

dualitea is a postdoc at a public research university. When she’s not studying the tiniest bits of matter, she’s fighting for acceptance and visibility of sexual and gender minorities in STEM, playing board games, or enjoying nice hot tea in the frozen northlands.

DrBotanista just completed her PhD and is enjoying a slower pace.  She is part-time adjunct faculty at a junior college in the west, teaches a class at a local private school, and enjoys spending afternoons with her two young children, her garden, and her chickens.

ProfColleen is a tenured professor at a large public institution. She’s bounced around the east coast and the midwest, and hopes not to move again for a long while. She spends time with her partner, 3 kids, 2 dogs and elderly cat, and does research in the public health field.

Some of the topics to be covered in their sure to be thought-provoking posts include when to have kids, dealing with death in academia, and why someone might choose to work part time. Keep your eyes peeled for their first posts in the next few weeks and give them a nice welcome in the comments!

P.S. We’re not looking for full time bloggers right now, but always welcome guest posts. Get in touch if you’ve got something to say.


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